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Date and time common mistakes

How to set Date and Time fields

Chronosly Support Dept. receive many forms asking and requesting help related to events, being the most common that the event does not display as it is set up in date-time settings.
After analysing the problem, we have found out that many of those misfunctions come from setting wrong date-time formats.
Find below a basic guide How to avoid your events not dislplaying on your page.




Both parameters FROM and TO have to be set (even if single day), if not it may cause some event misfunctions.

Correct Date (both from-to fields) - Date format Events set up
Correct Date format (both from-to fields)


Wrong Date format (Blank fields) - Events set up
Wrong Date set up (Missing TO field)




- Set HOUR  both parameters (hour and minute) using format hh:mm

- Set time format 24hours (e.g 1pm is 13:00)

- 12am as "00" "00" and 12pm as "12" "00"
- 1am as "01" "00" and 1pm as "13" "00"
- 8am as "08" "00" and 8pm as "20" "00"


-  Parameters like AM or PM within time fields are NOT ALLOWED!


- ALL DAY EVENTS - Set All day events leaving HOUR fields FROM/TO  "blank".

All day event Time format - Events set up
Leave BLANK for All day event




Don't leave Minutes fields empty

For "o'clock" time include "00" in minutes fields.

Wrong Time format minutes missing (Blank fields) - Events set up
Wrong Time format minutes missing (Blank fields)



Don't include other time parameters like AM-PM

Chronosly plugin use 24h time formats. Date time set up doesn't allow AM-PM parameters

Wrong Time format (include AM - PM parameters) 2 - Events set up
Minutes fields include AM - PM parameters
Wrong Time format (include AM - PM parameters) - Events set up
Hour fields include AM - PM parameters



Codecanyon best selling calendar plugin

Recently Chronosly event calendar plugin were promoted  for our sales in Codecanyon. (Since 23rd June 2015 Chronosly plugin is sold from chronosly.com).

Ultimately, Chronosly is the only Fully customizable calendar plugin in market and day by day Chronosly plugin is being one of the best calendar plugins in market.


Codecanyon autor lever 5 badge


We thank you, our clients and users, that they review Chronosly and our customer support as on of the best.

The reason is we make a big effort taking into account our clients suggestions and needs and we include most of their comments on our monthly/weekly updates.

We are preparing great changes for our next Chronosly 2.0 update, where definitely  become a best seller calendar plugin.


Thanks for your confidence again

Chronosly team