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Chronosly and Page Builders

Hey guys, we were busy working on Chronosly improves.
On this new release, 2.7.3, we were focused on Chronosly event manager compatibility with most important page builders on the WordPress world.

Wait a minute, WTF is a page builder?

Page builder is a plugin or theme’s component to customize and design pages quick and easy. Most of you will be already familiar with the HTML components of the ‘Text’ view and actual ‘Visual’ preview of content in the WordPress visual editor. Page builders are the advanced childs of the WordPress visual editor.

Page builders use components to build responsive page layouts inside a grid view.
To understand how it works, they are similar to the WordPress widgets sections, were we can just drag and drop the available widgets into a sidebar and rearrange them easily. Once we save the sidebar widgets, we get a sidebar on our site with many built in features without any coding required.
Page builders provide similar structure and features to the content but more complex and powerful, allowing to define every pixel of our layout and include a bunch of components like image gallery, video players, button creator...
In short, a page builder is a perfect tool for designing websites fast, with quality design and without needing to know code.

Ok, but why we also need it on Chronsly?

Let's say this section is basically for all of you that have miss some on our events drag and drop builder, some special features, power, integrations, and you are already used to work with your lovely page builder.
But even you don’t know anything about page builders for sure you will be interested to know Chronosly is now integrated with the best page builders, so you can customize the content of every event, place and organizer page using one of those page builders:

  • WPBakery Visual Composer
  • Divi Builder
  • Elementor
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  • Beaver Builder

This feature makes Chronosly even more customizable Chronosly, so you can customize your events simply and fast, just drag & drop, creating more powerful and professional content on your site and events.

Customizing your own events was never as easy, with Chronosly template editor + custom field builder addon + page builders, you can create custom fields for your events editable via admin, manage the look and feel of Chronosly’s elements and finally edit how content inside events have to looks like with your best page builder.

Don’t hesitate to try the power of these 3 tools together!, the best flexibility and customization for your events on the WordPress universe.

Chronosly Blog is back again

Hello again to all those who already trust in Chronosly, and those who we hope soon would join us, after meeting Chronosly, the best WordPress events manager .

After more than 1 year without publishing any news on our blog we have decided to re-launch our own channel, where we will keep you informed of our day to day.

The reasons for our silence, we do not want to be too heavy or waste your valuable time. With the infinity of blogs that already exist,  seriously it necessary one more that will deal with events in WordPress?

After 1 year we have realized that the answer is a resounding yes. We need to make you ask for all our news and know firsthand what we are cooking from our team.

Chronosly events manager back renoved strength

We come back with renewed desire, our idea is that we can be part of our future, everyone, creating the best WordPress customizable event calendar , the best event manager with the best events templates  in WordPress.

For this reason we decided to relaunch this blog with new sections, focused on help you to find the content you are looking for.

These new sections will be:

  • News: designed to describe the new developments and future Chronosly  developments , and where you can comment and work on the best to come, we will do it among everyone and to everyone's taste.
  • Tips and tricks: section with the best tricks to get the most out of Chronosly and turn it into the best events calendar for WordPress.
  • Customize your template: we will teach you step by step how to create incredible templates for your events, with our new videos section.
  • Calendars ideas: we will show different pages with good calendars ideas and we will teach you how to create them with Chronosly template editor.

Let's go, without more delay, we will try to keep you updated on all the best of Chronosly but before we start, we will recover the lost time and will show you everything there is already in the best event manager of WordPress.

Remember the sections that are currently active in Chronosly.

  • FAQs: space dedicated to inform you of how Chronosly works and to manage your events, destined to solve any current problem.
  • WordPress Forum: a space for answering the questions of the Chronosly lite users , the licensed users can use our next section.
  • Contact: Licensed users can contact to resolve all management doubts of their events in Chronosly and possible prepurchase questions.



We hope you come back every week and we are anxious to read your comments to improve our, everyone's, WordPress events manager plugin.