Recurring and Ticketing events enhancement Addon (squared)
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Events Repeat and Ticketing Enhancement

Enhance ADVANCED recurring and ticketing event features

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Available for Chronosly Full and Lite versions  Chronosly FULL version (transparent) Chronosly LITE (Free) version (transparent) 



Recurring events that repeat regularly, including complex patterns, and accommodate scenarios.


    • Set as many dates as you want straight from a calendar. Set multiple event dates even if there isn't logical order.


    • Set SESSIONS within each event. Developed specially for those events that have repeat session within same day e.g. theatres, cinemas and concerts.


    • Set recurring sessions individually


    • Categorize all tickets (e.g General, VIP, Discount, Sales, Low-cost...) that would be available in each event session.




Ticketing options are enhanced to allow many different ticket behaviors, such as: sales, promotion, and marketing campaign prices, and sold out events, making it possible to use with the same event but for different recurring times.



TICKETING TEMPLATE Tickets template logo

This addon es specially designed to work with TICKETING TEMPLATE (sold separately in Templates marketplace)

The result is an effective and convincing way of gathering audience and sell tickets for your events.



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