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Import / Export your content (events, organizers, places and calendars) to iCal, .csv file (Excel or Numbers), Facebook or Google+

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Product Description

This addon allows you to Import / Export data from/ to Chronosly plugin, or just your events from your sources in seconds.

Make it easy if you need to Import / Export all your content (events, organizers, places and calendars) to different sources like iCal, .csv file (Excel and Numbers), Facebook or Google+.

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Chronosly Import and Export addon is also useful to:

- Do you need to move from your calendars i.g. Google Calendar or Facebook?
- Do you have lots of events, organizers or places? Import or export bulk data
- Do you need to create a backup copy of your current Chronosly data?



iCal logo iCal, iCalendar or ICS

ICS (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling), sometimes referred to as iCalendar (iCal), is a standardised way of sharing calendar information on the internet. It allows internet users to send meeting requests and tasks to other internet users via email or calendar application.

Excel import export logo CSV or Excel (Numbers for MAC)

CSV files allows you to import / export data from/to Excel or Numbers. CSV stands for 'Comma Separated Values,' but in our CSV files have a semicolon ; between each item of information they contain.

Facebook logo Google plus logo FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE CALENDAR

If your want to Import / Export from Facebook or Google Calendar to Chronosly to plan your events and priorities. NOW you can, this is your addon!


Find SET UP and other useful information on IMPORT AND EXPORT ADDON – FAQ