Chronosly FULL version (transparent)
Default template - Event list Elegant design (Featured event + 2 normal events)Featured event vs Normal event in Event list100% Responsive Design for events and calendarCalendar month viewCalendar year viewCalendar week viewChronosly - Organizer view - All Ogranizers list viewChronosly - Single organizer viewChronosly - Place view - All Places list viewChronosly - Single Place view

Chronosly FULL version

Elegant event list display, easy-to-use interface with major event features included.
100% responsive and extensible with templates and addons to make your events a success.

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Product Description

Chronosly FULL version (transparent)

Chronosly provides EASY events management and integration for ALL USERS

Elegant event list display, easy-to-use interface with major event features included. 100% responsive and extensible with templates and addons.



Check all MAIN FEATURES of Chronosly that help make your events a success.


1. Elegant Event List Display

Chronosly has 15 different views options for your calendar and the display.


Default template - Event list Elegant design (Featured event + 2 normal events)
Default template included in Chronosly


2. 100% Responsive

Designer from first trace Chronosly is 100% responsive, especially for iOS and Android.

100% Responsive Design for events and calendar


3. Templates and Addons Marketplace

Additional templates are available on Templates Marketplace to match your project needs better.

Visit Addons Marketplace to enhance your project with new features like filters, sorting, event submission, social media share…and much more.


4. Shortcodes

Available for Events, Calendars, Organizers, Places and Templates, Chronosly shortcodes allow Chronosly elements to be easily inserted to your pages.


5. Widgets

Chronosly Widgets are very useful to highlight some of your events, calendars or other elements information through sidebar.

Chronosly widgets - Event list view


6. Multiple Languages

Developed with Localize compatible with most of the Multiple Language Plugins (WPML, LocoTranslate, qTranslate...)..


7. Recurring Events

Repeating events saves you the time and effort it would take to create multiple separate events.

Chronosly FEATURES Advanced Recurrent / Repeat events settings


8. URL friendly

URL's can be customized on all Chronosly pages e.g. Event, Organizer, Place, Calendar, Category, and Tag through slugs.

This might help users to identify content and Search Engines to index content as well for SEO


9. Google Maps Integration

Create all places where your events will take place.

This feature allows users to FILTER events by Place Name, City and PROXIMITY (near to user)

Chronosly Featured Place with Google maps integration


10. Unlimited categories

Chronosly has unlimited categories, create as much categories as you need within events, anything you consider it’ll be relevant for them.

Chronosly Unlimited Categories


11. HTML Templates

Our clients would benefit greatly if Chronosly was even easier to customize.

That’s why HTML Templates were included in Chronosly plugin.


12. Template edition tools

Template Editor tools: Drag & Drop System and Editing Tools would help you to customize your templates.







depending on your programming skills: BASIC or ADVANCED (PRO):

Chronosly - Basic profile BASIC

All set to use. EASY, VERY EASY.
You only need to install the plugin, and select among different Templates, the one you like for your events or the one that best suits your website and then upload your events.


Chronosly - Advanced profile Advanced (PRO)

Recommended for users with PROGRAMMING SKILLS.
This profile allows you to customize all templates without restrictions.
You can easily change all templates with Template Editor (Drag & Drop system and Editing tool) including customize CSS style directly.



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