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Ticketing template  with ticket information (Event list)




Available for Chronosly Full and Lite versions  Chronosly FULL version (transparent) Chronosly LITE (Free) version (transparent) 

chronosly-warning-logo-lq Chronosly compatible up to: v.2.2.0 




This template was designed under strict premises, basically to take advantage on USABILITY (intuitively and easily sell your events and tickets options) and USER EXPERIENCE (modern, clean and credible). The result is an effective and convincing way of attracting an audience and tickets sales for your events.


"an effective and convincing way of attracting an audience and tickets sales for your events"


Ticketing template is already set to display event lists, single event pages, calendars (year, month, week), organizers*, places* and categories.

*Chronosly Lite version doesn't include organizers and places by default, (Organizers&Places Addon must be purchased separately to inlcude them).



Easy-to-use interface with major event features included. 100% responsive and extensible with templates and addons.

Ticketing template - Responsive layout (Event list vs. Single page view)





Chronosly Ticketing template has 15 different views for your events and calendar.

There are 5 views grouped Main Chronosly views:

  1. Events views - Visit Events Live DEMO
  2. Calendars views - Visit Calendars Live DEMO
  3. Categories views - Visit Categories Live DEMO
  4. Organizers views - Visit Organizers Live DEMO
  5. Places views - Visit Places Live DEMO



There are the 15 views grouped according Main Chronosly views:

1. Events views

  • All events list view (Main view)
  • Single event view (Main view)
  • Category events list view
  • Organizer events list view
  • Place events list view


Ticketing template event list view (Featured on top) 2 Featured + 3 normal events
Ticketing template event list view (Featured on top)


Ticketing template - Event single page view (double event seasons and ticket options)
Event single page view


chronosly-tips-logo Learn more about Chronosly ticketing options

Recurring event addon - Event seasons display on Ticketing template
Ticketing options within Single event page



Since Chronosly v.2.0.0, seasons where introduced, a concept defined as:

"A date and time that includes it's recurring events and has the same characteristics within that event."

Recurring event addon - Event seasons display on Ticketing template (notes)
Event seasons on Ticketing template


chronosly-tips-logo Take great advantage of this template 
installing Ticketing & Recurring event addon
Recurring and Ticketing events enhancement Addon (squared)




2. Calendar views

  • Calendar view (Main view)
  • Calendar year
  • Calendar month
  • Calendar week


Ticketing template Calendar month view (Event details)
Calendar month view


Ticketing template Calendar year view
Calendar year view (3 months row)


Ticketing template Calendar week view (Event details)
Calendar week view


Ticketing template Calendar Pop up view (Event details)
Calendar Pop up view




3. Categories views

  • All categories list view
  • Single category view


Ticketing template - Category view (3 events categories)
Category view (3 events categories)




4. Organizers views

  • All organizers list view
  • Single organizer view


Ticketing template - Organizers list view
Organizers list view


Ticketing template - Organizers Single page view
Organizers Single page view




5. Places views

  • All places list view
  • Single place view


Ticketing template - Places list view (1 Featured - 2 normail places)
Places list view


Ticketing template - Places single page view
Places single page view



Ticketing template - Event list view (1 Featured - 2 normal events)



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