WARNING – No support on Custom works

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Chronosly FULL version (transparent) Support for Chronosly FULL version

chronosly-warning-logo-lq we don’t give custom works support


Find what include Support for Chronosly LITE version Chronosly LITE (Free) version (transparent)


chronosly-tips-logo Support include:

License key validation is needed for each new client support

  • Fix installation issues
  • Issues and questions about Chronosly features
  • Issues and incompatibilities with Chronosly addons
  • Issues and incompatibilities with Chronosly templates
  • Guidance to take a maximum advantage of Chronosly plugin


chronosly-warning-logo-lq Support doesn't include:

  • All kind of custom works and custom modifications
  • WordPress theme incompatibilities
  • External (Not developed by Chronosly) plugin incompatibilities
  • Guidance for HTML templates
  • CSS customization
  • Multiple sites (for users with Single site usage)


You should understand that we would like to help all our clients on their custom works and modifications but would be unviable.



Chronosly LITE (Free) version (transparent) Support for Chronosly LITE version

chronosly-warning-logo-lq Chronosly LITE has limited support

The support available with this version will be found in the Chronosly FAQ section. Please check it to find the answers to your questions and many Chronosly topics.


For an extended version, with additional features available including assistance and support, we suggest to upgrade Chronosly FULL version.