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This feature automatically check how different templates are used on events, organizers, places and categories.

Template status will list all templates you are using, in addition, has included a list of events for each view.

Chronosly - Template status checked for All event list
Template status checked for All event list


Template status includes a pie chart that lets you see at a glance all the templates you are using.

Therefore, if you use many templates you see wich you have modified and what views are involved in these changes.

It is important to know at all times the use of these customized templates, because if you upadate, the updates may involve changes with undesirable results.

In these cases, it is best to clone the templates and only update the clones and review the results.

On the other hand, not customized templates (like default or template marketplace downloads) will be updated taking into account the elements you're using so they do not suffer unexpected variations.

Chronosly - Template status
Check all your Template status and wich ones has been edited.