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Template editor is enabled by default, but just be sure that this option is activated in Chronosly > Settings > General Settings.

Enable Template editor in Chronosly settings


Chronosly comes with a standard template with every license.

Check our Template marketplace for many different options and designs. Choose which best matches your needs or site style.

Automatic template updates are only available for unmodified templates. If you are not planning to make changes on Templates you can activate automatic updates for all your templates.

Important note for Templates automatic updates: In order to allow automatic template updates, you should have write permission for the plugin folder:


Further info about WordPress write permissions

Chronosly - Template Editor - Enable Template autopudates
Enable Template autopudates in Chronosly settings


Once you have found your Templates, you can Upload, like downloaded templates from our marketplace throught this tool going to Chronosly > Edit Templates

Chronosly - How to edit templates