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To set Default event list view go to Chronosly > Settings > General settings

Chronosly - Menu settings

Once you are in General settings, find Event display section and Main event list display option. Choose between views within list what will be used in as default.


Default event list display is "Month", you can change to Year, Week, Day or Upcoming.

Set main event list display - Chronosly event list settings


Change this option if you want them to be shown daily, weekly, annually or upcoming for a day range.


Whatever kind of chosen option, the moment will be always shown as CURRENT (current year, month, day). For UPCOMING default day range is 7 next day upcoming events.




chronosly-info-logoIf no other date is specified, "Main event list display" is used by default on all other Chronosly event displays like calendar, organizers, places, categories, shortcodes, widgets, etc...

That is important to take into account, in special for shortcodes and widgets. We receive many questions about this topic, where


Compare shortcodes that uses default Main event list display settings:
[[chronosly type="event"]]

[[chronosly type="calendar"]]
and shortcode with forced date:
[[chronosly type="event" month="08"]]

[[chronosly type="calendar" year="2014"]]
Find more information in: SHORTCODES - FAQ and WIDGET - FAQ



chronosly-tips-logo   HOW TO FORCE A SPECIFIC DATE

As we have seen before, if "Force main event list date" is not set, event list are shown by default as current month, current week, etc...


Different specific dates can be set in "Force main event list date":

  • Year: set year e.g. 2015
  • Month: set month e.g. for August, set 8 or 08
  • Day: set  day in format yyyy-mm-dd. e.g. 25th October fill 2014-10-25
  • Upcoming: set the day range for upcoming events. e.g. 30


Below, there is an example where Event list will show all upcoming events for next  30 days.

Set main UPCOMING events in Chronosly event list settings
Event list display for next 30 days upcoming events




Chronosly - How to set Default event list view
Main Event list display option in Chronosly settings