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From Chronosly update v.1.6.1 (October, 1st 2014) Pop up display view is set up by default for events shown in Calendar views.

It is noted that this view has faster navigation and user experience than Single Event View landing page.


Pop up event view
Pop up event view


This Pop up view can be set up through Chronosly > Template Editor.

You just need to follow these steps to configure other alternatives to display single events in your Calendar views:

Note: this changes are only available if you have enabled Advanced profile


  1. Be sure you have enabled Advanced profile
  2. Go to Template Editor (only for Advanced profile)
  3. Clone a template
  4. Chose your cloned template (1)
  5. Select "Calendar view" to customize it (2)
  6. Select event title box for edit properties (3)
  7. Click on Variables Tool bar (4)
  8. Select wished option for Calendar event display (5)
  9. Remember to SAVE changes
  10. Set "cloned" template as default template in settings and force it, to change all past events to display as a popup.
  11. Clear Cache on Chronosly Settings > Incompatibilities.


How to set up Pop up display through template editor
Pop up display set up using template editor