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Chronosly widgets - Event list viewChronosly widgets - Calendar Month view


Widgets are very useful to add content and features to your Sidebars.


Chronosly let you highlight some information through sidebar widgets, here is an example with an event list view.

Further examples are available in Chronosly Widget Demo page

Website's sidebar with Chronosly widgets (Event list + Month calendar)



You can add Chronosly widgets in your sidebar by going to Appearence menu sidebar:

Appearance > Widgets

Chronosly - How to insert sidebar widgets


Chronosly has a wide range widgets like event lists view, organizers view, places view, and calendar like month and week view.


  1. Drag & drop your widget to choosen Sidebar area.
  2. Custom your widget as wished


chronosly-warning-logo-lq Important! Event list and calendar widgets' date range is required.

Fill in "current" for current year, month, week or day (see screenshot below)

Find further information in How to display events in List and Calendars - FAQ.


Chronosly - How to set up sidebar widgets
Widgets set up page and with some Chronosly widgets applied




For futher information how to set up widgets we recomend to visit WordPress oficial widget section