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Organizers are profiles of the participants that are involved in your events e.g persons, universities, companies , corporations. Create profiles of the participants that are involved in your events e.g persons, universities, companies, corporations.

Set up Organizers is highly recommended, if not, views with organizers involved can’t be shown. There are 2 different organizers views:


General View

how the organizer is displayed in the list of organizers.

Chronosly - Organizer view - All Ogranizers list view
All Ogranizers list view



Inner page view

it is the inner view of your organizer, a single page on the place, where all the information is shown.

Chronosly - Single organizer view
Single organizer view fully detailed




chronosly-tips-logo  There are two ways to create organizers:


1. In Events > Add new event

when you are adding a new event or within Events> Event when editing an event already created.

By default, if you have not changed the display options, find Organizers on the right sidebar.

Chronosly how to add organizer



2. Within Events> Organizers

Using the left sidebar on Chronosly Events tab.

Chronosly add new organizer


Unlike point 1, you can add a description and change the slug.

Name / Title is mandatory whenever you create a new organizer. Leave the optional fields in blank and will not appear.

-Fatured organizer: give more prominence to a specific organizer. Featuring organizers means making a single or various organizers look different from regular ones. Orgzanizers you feature are more likely to attract the attention of calendar visitors. Learn how to add featured elements.

Organizers note: Before fill all optional fields of a organizer, make sure your choosen template is set to display this information.