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Events are the main element of the calendar. Everything revolves around them because without events calendar is meaningless.

To create a new event should go to the Events Menu > Add new Event

Chronosly menu add event

Within each event, there are other important elements to consider and define: Date, Tickets, Categories and Tags, Organizers, Places, Template, and Other options like add featured events.

Featured event vs Normal event in Event list
Featured vs Normal event in Event list



Instead Date and Template, all other elements Tickets, Categories and Tags, Organizers, Places and Oher otions are optional, can be added if necessary depending on the type of event that is being configured. Find further information about Chronosly Settings options.



Before customizing optional elements, make sure your WP theme is able to display them*

 *e.g. some WP themes has featured images, Google maps, and other elements disabled.