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This is one of the most common FAQ in Chronosly Support. Many times this question has an easy solution. If you can't see your events in calendar or in lists:

Possible solution 1

Chronosly event, organizers, places and categories lists and calendar views only show month events. Main event list display is "MONTH" by default.

If you don't have events on he current month, events will not displaye until you change the main configs.

  1. Go to Chronosly > Settings > Events display section
  2. Set "UPCOMING" option in Main event list display
Set Main event list display yearly
Set Main event list display to YEAR

3- On the next fied set number of DAYS range to show all your events, eg: 300

For further information, visit FAQ section about Upcoming Events

Tip: in point 3, set the day range for upcoming events. e.g. 100. Count days beyond till last event you want to show (from today till last event you want to show in the future).

How to set up Upcoming events
Upcoming events SET UP


Tip: in point 2, you could change this option if you want them to be shown annually, monthly, weekly or upcoming for a day range.


Possible solution 2

Events datetime is not properly set.

Set HOUR  both parameters (hour and minute) using format hh:mm.

  • set time format 24hours (e.g 1pm is 13:00)

- 12am as "00" "00" and 12pm as "12" "00"
- 1am as "01" "00" and 1pm as "13" "00"
- 8am as "08" "00" and 8pm as "20" "00"

  • don't insert parameters like am or pm within fields

Check this time format common mistakes.


Possible solution 3

Is possible you have some malfunction with your template.

The better solution for check if template is not working properly is going to Chronosly > Settings > Template Editor, and force the default template.

Check this faq