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15 Reasons Will Definitely Convince You

All major event Features included

Chronosly provides EASY events management and integration for ALL USERS


Check all MAIN FEATURES of Chronosly that help make your events a success


Default template - Event list Elegant design (Featured event + 3 normal events)
Elegant Event List Display

Chronosly has 15 different views options for your calendar and the display.


Events can be selected as Featured to give them major visibility with picture.

100% Responsive

All Chronosly versions are always 100% responsive, especially for iOS and Android.

100% Responsive Design for events and calendar

Template marketplace - The right template for your project

Templates Marketplace

Chronosly FULL and FREE versions include DEFAULT TEMPLATE.


Additional templates are available on Templates Marketplace to match your project needs better.

Addons Enhancement

Chronosly includes major event features by default.


Enhance your project with new features like filters, sorting, event submission, social media share…and much more.

Addons marketplace - Enhance Chronosly features

Chronosly Shortcodes for easy page insertion


Available for Events, Calendars, Organizers, Places and Templates, allow Chronosly elements to be easily inserted to your pages.


Chronosly Widgets are very useful to highlight some of your events, calendars or other elements information through sidebar..

Website's sidebar with Chronosly widgets (Event list + Month calendar)

Chronosly WordPress plugins compatibility

WordPress plugins compatibility

Developed using WordPress custom post types making it possible to adapt to the vast majority of themes and other plugins.

Multiple Languages

Developed with Localize compatible with most of the Multiple Language Plugins (WPML, LocoTranslate, qTranslate...).

Chronosly Multi Language plugin compatibility

Chronosly Unlimited Categories

Unlimited Categories

Chronosly has unlimited categories, so you can create as much categories as you need within events, anything you consider it’ll be relevant for them.

Recurring Events

Repeating events saves you the time and effort it would take to create multiple separate events.


Chonosly makes it easy to add events that happen more than once with a wide options settings for recurring events.

Chronosly FEATURES Advanced Recurrent / Repeat events settings

Chronosly FEATURES URL friendly (SEO)

URL friendly

URL's can be customized on all Chronosly pages e.g. Event, Organizer, Place, Calendar, Category, and Tag through slugs.


This might help users to identify content and Search Engines to index content as well for SEO.

Google Maps Integration

Create all venues where your events will take place.

This feature allows users to FILTER events by Place Name, City and PROXIMITY (near to user)

Chronosly Places with Google maps integration

Chronosly 5 star client support

5 STAR Customer Support

Our mission has been from the start to rise client satisfaction, 9 out of 10 of our reviews praise our Client support.
We are here to help you, we are here to solve problems.

HTML Templates

Our clients would benefit greatly if Chronosly was even easier to customize.

That’s why HTML Templates were included in Chronosly plugin.

Chronosly FEATURES HTML templates

Chronosly FULL vs LITE versions

Chronosly FULL or LITE

Premium or Free, pricing for all Chronosly options.
Ensure that you are receiving the most profitable Chronosly product for your needs.


What our clients think (Rates & Reviews)


What our clients think (Chronosly clients' rates)


Rating and Review addon Maybe, looking for Chronosly Rate & Review addon 

chronosly-tips-logo  Send your Chronosly feedback, we're all ears!



Satisfaction is our top priority

Chronosly plugin values each of our customer relationships. We are proud of these reviews, even if they are negative, because that  encourage even more to work hard.


Chronosly FULL version (transparent)Don't take our word for it. Here are  what some of our clients are saying  about CHRONOSLY EVENTS CALENDAR PLUGIN (FULL version) (positive and constructive criticism without filters).

Check what users say about Chronosly LITE  Chronosly LITE (Free) version (transparent)


5 stars reviews Chronosly clients rates 5 stars

"Great event plug in and awesome customer support! I have had several questions and I needed some guidance while installing (and after) and they were right there with answers every time!" Idiaco


"Thanks for Chronosly! Your plugin is very flexible and easy customizable. The support is great too! I had some minor problems with the Google Maps view and they fixed it right away. Cheers" Q2Werbeagentur


"I have no extra css from myself, it is all from Bridge Theme + your plugin but thank you for the solution and your super support, it works just fine now :-)" from mehdidrupal


"These guys are adapting well into the future. Great and fancy event plugin!" from tlatch89


"Well worth the few bucks spent on it, beautifully designed, no-headache set-up, great add-ons and a fantastic support team to back it up. Keep up the good work, fellas !" from Openscop


"Support is one of the best what I have encountered here! Really good customization options, Documentation is really detailed! If any bugs found, they fix it really quick! I really suggest this wp plugin!" from LOGIN_GRUPA


"Really great and customizable plugin for any kind of events. I am using it to review past events rather than to show upcoming concerrs, etc. First Class Customer Support! Had one little issue with translations which have been resolved quick and the support is really kind and willing to help. Keep up the good work!" from TobiS87


"Excellent Plugin covering all needs of displaying events on a website. Neat Graphics. Super customizable options. Still with some minor buggies but Best of all: Brilliant Tech Support!" from fedemundo


"Customer support has been great, like the plugin and there's a lot of FAQ's and documentation if you need help. The plugin is clean and user friendly." from youthcentralyyc


"Chronosly is without question the best-designed and supported event plugin out there. It can be modified to look great and their service truly is unsurpassed. I’ve worked with every event plugin and can say confidently that you need not look any further for a solution to displaying events. And the developers will quickly respond to an inquiry, helping with any customization." from Biomotion


"Awesome plugin. It has every option you could want, it looks great, and the support rocks! Thanks!!" from dirtstyle


"Great plugin, has a lot of advanced features! Amazing support, they respond on the same day and get all my concerns resolved! Chronosly is definitely the even calendar to go with, it frequently gets updated and get new awesome add-ons as well!" from 123poling


"The plugin works very good, it goes fluid and it has a nice design, but the support atention is the best, thank You very much." from InsightCreativos


"Nice plugin with a lot of possibilities! Additional addons for customize your theme, but the best: the customer support! Fast personal and polite service." from gmconde


"Design quality. Is a high quality plugin great design and the support is fast and careful cheers" from hiperic


"This plugin is great! It is extremely customizable and works perfectly for the robust calendar my website features. While it has had some small hiccups, it's a fairly new plugin and the developer has been AMAZING and quick to respond to any issues, which I really appreciate. They are accessible to me 24/7 should I run into any problems. Overall, I would definitely reccommend this plugin to anyone looking for a customizable calendar that looks beautiful." from nthomas14


"I am happy with the way this Calendar looks both on a computer and also on an IOS device. I also like the fact that it is so customizable. Thank you to Chronosly for the great tech support with some initial issues I had." from MinisterMedic


"Excellent Support, Design Quality, Code Quality and SEO Quality." from mundodeimagens


"Great plugin. Exactly what I needed. And great support! Thanks!" from schoenescheisse


"Very nice design and fantastic support!!" from gerhardsauer


"Very good plugin!!" from brajor100308


"Design quality" from venturecupdk


"Customizability. The best featured plug-in" from tatlisert


"Perfect customer support! Very fast!" from globalvista


"Customer support is perfect!" from ideaforsale


"Customer Support, very fast and effective" from ericvogt


"Feature Availability" from docizzen, airelle


"Code Quality" from Whistle28042


"Customer Support" from Moontje, ChrisDeBruyne, oliver3092, rafamaxbas


"5 stars" from Kader26, MARTINI, RouseRouge, icv1506, infolax, isa_157, teamcheg1, BeeBrand



4 stars reviews Chronosly clients rates 4 stars

"Flexibility. Its a really nice plugin and the cutomer assistance is really good and fast. It may have some issues but the customer service will help you to solve them." from ankolex


"Excellent customer support. I got angry about something and they killed me with kindness. 4/5 stars due to the fact that the jquery popup box does not work well on mobile. Also do not expect to customize this plugin with ease." from tlatch89


"I may come back and change this to a 5 star rating once I get all the customizations exactly as I want them. The calendar is super robust and seems to have all the capabilities that I need, I am just having a hard time wrapping my head around it. But the customer service has been excellent. I know we can't expect them to make customizations for us, but they have been directing me right where I need to look to make the changes myself." from roseredcreative


"Design Quality" from robertvanoagallery


"Customer support" from vascadegoma


"4 stars" from GCFL, djtrap, ulysse1337



3 stars reviews Chronosly clients rates 3 stars

"The design and flexibilty is bad" from ineclectico



2 stars reviews Chronosly clients rates 2 stars

"It has some bugs, for example if you install wordpress in a subfolder, calendar links goes to root directory. It's difficult to customize." from deimos81

Response: That was on October 2014, after many Chronosly updates all those misfunctions and issues have been solved. At present, Chronosly plugin is more stable than ever


"My client did not like the look and functionality of this plugin and decided they preferred a free plug-in with more functionality. While we did get the plug-in working it was a tremendous effort and ultimately was not what we needed." from cobalt_blue_1

Response: Chronosly Development Department always make an effort to make Chronosly plugin 100% compatible with all WordPress themes in market. This is mission impossible, however, Chronosly is based on WordPress true types, and assures high theme compatibility



1 star reviews Chronosly clients rates 1 stars

"This plugin is a shame, there is only few functionalities included and clearly no style, for more, you have to buy additionnal elements on the makers website. So you pay the plugin to have the right to pay more for elements which should be included in the pack. I lose both time and money..." from redfoxcom

Response: Chronosly plugin includes ALL MAJOR EVENT FEATURES. As other plugins on market, there are available addons to enhance Chronosly features. 



chronosly-tips-logo  Send your Chronosly feedback We're all ears