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How to create Chronosly MY ACCOUNT


Chronosly MY ACCOUNT logo



Chronosly highly recommend you to create a CHRONOSLY ACCOUNT.

 chronosly-tips-logo Click this link for LOST PASSWORD

Chronosly MY ACCOUNT login and registration options



Create an account it's a free and useful option, where you always will have access to your dashboard to manage:

  • bills details
  • licenses keys
  • download links
  • edit your password and account details.


MY ACCOUNT Licence key and download llink
MY ACCOUNT order management


Chronosly MY ACCOUNT Licence key and download llink
MY ACCOUNT Licence key and download link


chronosly-info-logo Need more info? Contact Chronosly support

Translations (Languages)





At the moment Chronosly already has been translated to:

  • English (default)
  • Italian (our sincere appreciation to Paolo)
  • Spanish (since v.1.6.5)
  • Catalan (since v.2.0, thanks to O.Carbonell)
  • Finish (since v.2.1.5, thanks to M. Ylikoski)
  • Dutch (since v.2.1.5)

Other languages being translated:

  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese



Since Chronosly v1.3 – August 13, 2014,

all* strings are translatable

For CUSTOM TRANSLATIONS you can find them in Chronosly plugin folder:


You can put custom translates in this folder, where future Chronosly updates won’t overwrite them:





Chronosly was developed with Localize compatible with most of the Language Plugins:


*Strings not translatables:

  • Slug in "Url" admin menu because apparently there is only here in WordPress and most of the admins/developers already know this word
  • Marketplace and Addons won’t be translatable, this is a dynamic content and will be hosted on Chronosly servers.



Payments (PayPal – Debit/Credit Card)

Chronosly PayPal Credit and Debit cards payments allowed


Chronosly uses PayPal platform for payments.

"Debit/Credit cards payments are allowed within PayPal platform"


PayPal also allow Credit and Debit card payments as well as other secure payment methods. Those other secure payment methods basically depend on the country you are making the transaction.


Support policy

Premium support badge - Chronosly support poliicy


Chronosly FULL version (transparent) Support for Chronosly FULL version

chronosly-warning-logo-lq We don’t offer custom works support

Find out  what's included in Support for Chronosly LITE version Chronosly LITE (Free) version (transparent)


chronosly-tips-logo Support includes:

License key validation is needed for each new client support

  • Fixing installation issues
  • Issues and questions about Chronosly features
  • Issues and incompatibilities with Chronosly addons
  • Issues and incompatibilities with Chronosly templates
  • Guidance on how to take maximum advantage of Chronosly plugin


chronosly-warning-logo-lq Support doesn't include:


Please, understand that we would like to help all our clients with their custom works and modifications but this would simply not be feasible.




Chronosly LITE (Free) version (transparent) Support for Chronosly LITE version

chronosly-warning-logo-lq Chronosly LITE has limited support

The support available with this version will be found in the Chronosly FAQ section. Please check that section to find the answers to your questions and many other Chronosly topics.


For an extended version, with additional features available, including assistance and support, we suggest that you upgrade to Chronosly FULL version.




Support Tickets management

Tickets received from many different sources: Contact form, WordPress forum, Codecanyon forum, will be classified and resolved by Support Dep. and  Development Depts. in the following order:

1. Version type (FULL version clients have priority over LITE version tickets)
2. Importance (critical issues have priority, e.g. sites down, fatal crashes or other bugs)
3. Time/date received

Our Support Dept. is committed to ensuring that it will send feedback to clients and users within 48hours.



Other Support information

Chronosly support is based in Barcelona (GTM+2).  Please, take into account that our support staff might be taking some rest during (our) night to better solve your issues during the day ;)

Weekends, official dates (e.g. Christmas) and national (Spanish and European) holidays might delay our Support Department's answers and tickets.

Chronosly Support Dept. will always manage your issues with care and trate you with respect. We pride ourselves on good manners and premium quality support. Our staff also deserve the same. Using amenaces, coercion and bad language will not accelerate your ticket.

We know all your issues are URGENT, but we also have other URGENT issues from other clients. Perhaps by checking our FAQ section you will be able to find the solution to your urgent issue.