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We have launched our very new release 2.7.1, and this release is really important, not only for fixes and refactor, but also is usefull for all of you who have decided to migrate to PHP version 7.1.

Chronosly is one of the first WordPress events plugin integrated with php 7.1.

As you know web development evolves very fast. Day by day our software has to be adapted to work with newer functionalities, faster, powerfull and more secure with every update.

You probably know what is php , the most used language for server development. About 80% of web aplications are written in php, with more than 25 years  and used by big ones like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr...

Maybe you are a litle geek and you know about php 7, but if not don't hesitate to check the  new features of PHP 7.

So if your server provider is not working with php 7, don't doubt it, the code will be processed 2-3 times faster.

A part from this major update we have improved in other ways:

  •  New Import and export v 3.2, fixed German umlauts on custom fields, for field builder addon.
  • New feature on settings to solve the problem with same description on all events.
  • New feature on settings, to check and solve folder permissions on addons and template folder



  • New feature on year calendar, show events title on mouse over  when there is only 1 event on that day.



  •  Field builder addon launched, ready to create your own fields
  •  Filter and sort integrated with field builder addon, filter by your custom fields.


Please don't doubt to update to this new version and if you have any incompatibility with php 7 we will glad to help you and fix any problem, to improve our events plugin day by day.

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