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Filter and sort addon meets some of our clients demands, specially on navigation through weeks/months/years, show/hide content and sort that content.

This addon is one of the most commonly used features to help you. Allows you to display CONTENT: events, organizers, places or categories, that meets certain criteria, and hides content that you do not want displayed. And it also allows you to change the order of your content you’ll want to sort it.


Filtering and sorting addon



This feature was created after several clients suggestions and show a week, month or year navigation, based on Chronosly event list settings (Main event list display), to navigate previous or next.


Filter and sort addon year/month navigation
Year navigation buttons




Place near to user : this feature uses geolocation from user  and place set up in events (Latitude and longitude). Chronosly automatically set up lat. and long. but, for better results, is highly recommended minimum to fill in Address, City or Zip Code. By default uses km, but can be changed in miles in settings.


Places filter in Event list view
Filter by places or geolocation in Event list view





Chronosly Filter and Sort addon was designed for no restrictions and Multiple filter allows you to check multiple criteria (in all sections like event list, organizer list, place list, categories list, single category list and calendar view) to show content that more fits to your needs.


Multiple filter: Allow multiple filters and sort
Multiple filter: Allow multiple filters and sort




Sorting: Helps your clients, users or audience quickly visualize, organize and find your content better, and ultimately make more useful for them. Content can be sorted alphabeticallynumerically, and in many other ways.


Event list sort by AZ or ZA
Sort events AZ - ZA



Find ALL information on FILTER AND SORT ADDON – FAQ 

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Filtering and sorting addon