Chronosly v2.0 improvements

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Chronosly update 2.0  On March 13 2015, Chronosly update v.2.0 was launched:

  • CORE data structure improved
  • Flush rewrite CORE integration
  • Shortcode for Templates
  • Event list title customization
  • Private content enabled
  • Pop up scroll options
  • Multilanguage cache improved
  • Calendar improvements
  • Grid template improvements
  • Nested Categories for Filter&Sort Addon
  • Time format 12h AM/PM for Frontend Event Submission Addon


Find below bold improvements detailed:

- Flush rewrite CORE integration

Flush rewrite has been removed from settings and Core integrated


- Shortcode for Templates

We acomplished one of your most recurrent suggestions. Finally you can set different templates in different pages using this basic Template shortcode for event list:

[[chronosly type="event" template="your_template_name"]]

Find further info about Templates Shortcode


- Event list title customization

Set your own Titles and URL link for each view (events, places, organizers and calendars)

Find further info about Custom Title/URL (section 5)

Set Title list and links options
Title list and links options


- Private content enabled

Private events are displayed in lists just for authorised users.


- Pop up scroll options

Disable the auto scroll when event is opened on event lists.

This option can enabled/disabled in

Chronosly > Settings > General > Events display


- Nested Categories for Filter&Sort Addon

Arrange categories are represented as hierarchical order.

Subcategories and Filter and sort addon nested display
Subcategories and nested categories display