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Chronosly rised to 100 plugins sold
Chronosly rised to 100 plugins sold


For us 100 is a magical number! We have 100 smiles, the same as Chronosly purchases.

For us is sense. 100 means that our project, that started just 3 months ago, has sense.

For us is trust. 100 means that our clients keep on trusting us.

For us is effort. 100 means that we will keep taking into account your needs and suggestions and working hard to develop best tools to make you save time and money.

That's why, till the end of September, we will give a

50$ gift voucher

to one of you who have raised a comment in this post making suggestions on any of those topics:

- Templates, for example new template styles that we should include in Templates marketplace.

- Addons, all those that could be useful and at the moment we haven't developed.

- New features, what Chronosly should do for you? What Chronosly would be able to do to help you on your site?

- Other interesting options that Chronosly could include