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As soon as template and view has been selected you can start customizing your templates with Template Editor tools: Drag and drop and Other Template visualization options.

This screenshot shows all Template Editor tools: Live Template preview, Tool bar and Drag and Drop system.

Chronosly - Template Editor Tools
Template Editor Tools: Drag & Drop, Tool bar and Live preview


Check Live Template preview and Tool bar to learn about those editing tools.


Drag and Drop system let you add new boxes for extra text, links, images and lots of other customizations just by dragging and dropping on the template preview.

Chronosly - Template Editor Drag and drop customization system
Drag and drop system for easy view selected customization


Drag and Drop Tutorial: on this video you can learn basic drag and drop steps.

Basically, In event view (event folded and no featured) we show how to:

- Add a featured image next to the event title
- Add the excerpt just under event title

To make it easier we always create Inside boxes and put elements in them.