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Clients often ask for Chronosly responsive feature.

Since 2012, when responsive design become the standard, even if a web design client is not specifically looking for a responsive website, it’s already a given that you, as a web designer or developer, need to deliver responsive sites all of the time.

100% Responsive Design for events and calendar


That's why, from first outline design, Chronosly was only programmed with 100% responsive layout for main screen resolutions, specially for iOS and Android (depending on each brand) devices.

Responsive templates are well-suited for those developers who envision themselves having both fluid-width and adaptive website that caters for any possible screen resolution.



If you want to try yourself how Chronosly adapts to all resolutions, there is an easy way:

  1. Open a new tab on your browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox)
  2. Charge Chronosly Grid template DEMO page
  3. Scale tab width size with mouse to watch Chronosly responsive in action




Here are some examples how could be a Chronosly responsive design on a iOS device (iPhone).

Chronosly 100% responsive (event list)
Event list view


Chronosly 100% responsive (unfolded event)
Single event view



Chronosly Grid template place iphone view unfolded place (Responsive)
Place list view (place unfolded)