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How to Install Chronosly

1- Go to 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
2- Click 'Add new' on the top
3- Click upload
4- Select the Chronosly zip file and wait for upload
5- Activate the plugin when uploads its ok


1- Unzip the download zip file
2- Upload 'chronolsy' to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
3- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


To begin with, you will find the Chronosly settings in menu sidebar: Chronosly > Settings

Chronosly - Menu settings



Chronosly Settings tab has 5 section:

  1. General (more info below)
  2. Incompatibilities (link for specific FAQ)
  3. Template Editor (link for specific FAQ)
  4. Url (link for URL and slug customization)
  5. Status (License key and Core - Addons Updates)



Main options in this section:


And Events display customization:


And other options for events dislpaly:

  • Event sorting
  • Featured events behaviour
  • Number of events (also organizers and places) per page
  • Managing repeats for organizers and places


And important settings as how to display your lists:



General Chronosly Settings Tab options
General Chronosly Settings Tab options



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