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Manage all your event tickets and registrations. Show all important details about your event tickets, such as number of tickets available, price, capacity and much more.

Chronosly tickets edit back end
How to add tickets to Chronosly events


Title: Create the name of your ticket type. Give a descriptive name to ensure you can distinguish between them when you define capacity and availability.

Price: Show ticket prices, also change currency and availability.

Sale Price: Show ticket sale prices, when sale mode is active.

Capacity: Provide detailed information about the maximum number of tickets that can be sold at your event. This set is important to avoid overbooking your event.

Link: Add an external link to your selling tickets website or platform or let woocommerce fill the proper url.

Sale: Check itto active the discounted price of the ticket.

Soldout: Check it when not remain tickets to sell.


Sell tickets online, Chronosly is integrated with Woocommerce, allowing you to sell via paypal, VISA/MASTERCARD, bank transfers, ... see the full list of Woocommerce payment gateways


You can give extra information to your customers about ticket status with this SOLD OUT option.

At the moment this option, when is active, changes the status to "SOLD OUT" to all events. This mean that if you have an event that is repeated several times in different dates all them will be shown as "SOLD OUT".

We know that all event should be shown with his own status, so, quite soon we will develop an addon that will allow to manage each date event status independently.

Chronosly - Ticketing SOLD OUT option
SOLD OUT options active


Each template has its own SOLD OUT design. Check if this SOLD OUT option is available. The following examples shows SOLD OUT Default template style.


Ticket SOLD OUT option in event list FEATURED event unfolded
SOLD OUT info in event list FEATURED event unfolded


Ticket SOLD OUT option in event list
SOLD OUT info in event list



With WooCommerce integration you can track your incomes, filtered by dates and category of the events.


Also you could manage all the information related to the tickets orders, csutomers and tickets status.




This template was designed under strict premises, basically to take advantage on USABILITY (intuitively and easily sell your events and tickets options) and USER EXPERIENCE (modern, clean and credible). The result is an effective and convincing way of attracting an audience and tickets sales for your events.


"an effective and convincing way of attracting an audience and tickets sales for your events"


Ticketing template is already set to display event lists, single event pages, calendars (year, month, week), organizers*, places* and categories.

Ticketing template  with ticket information (Event list)